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   Pro Composites is a Polish-based composites company located in the city of Ostróda.

The company was set up in 2000 and is operating since.


   The company originates from race sailing background and with time we did expand our scope of work to industrial composites which gives a good balance and economical stability.


   Pro Composites specializes in the production of high quality composite parts and products and is at the same time supplier of experienced and highly skilled craftsmen to other companies located both inside and outside of Poland.


   Pro Composites is employer of Polish skilled craftsmen who are practicing just about any specialization there is in composites production technology, such as mould and model making, hand lay-up, vacuum, infusion, RTM lamination etc. Many of these people are used to work in foreign countries and speak either German and/or English.


   Pro Composites is also responsible for providing its workforce with projects to work on and does so by concluding business agreements with other companies, that are in need of skilled workers. These can be short term to long term projects. The craftsmen themselves remain employed and paid by Pro Composites.


   We are cooperating with various companies in Europe. Most of our production is related to extreme sport – windsurfing, kite surfing, race biking and race sailing. Among these products are: fins,foils,boards,bike shells etc. all in carbon fiber-epoxy composites.

Also we are manufacturing industry related parts – parts of exhibition tent systems and composite parts for motorway infrastructure.